Race times

Here are my race times thus far in my skiing career:

Cosnes-Sancerre Rollerski:

  • 2010 results:
     Pace           Speed        Time
     2:35 min/km    23.1 km/h    8:34
     3:29 min/km    17.1 km/h    11:32
     Combined time:  20:07


This is a classic style sprint relay held between IT companies in the Oslo area.

  • My 2010 time for the 3km final leg was an absolutely wretched 11:58. Pace: 15.04 kmh.


The Grenader-løpet every February is probably the toughest ski race in the world. It’s the same 90km distance as the more famous Vasaløppet in Sweden. But this race goes from East to West through the Oslo forest, crossing ridge after ridge, making it a far more brutal race than the quite flat Vasaløppet.

  • This year I did a 66km test run on the roughest part of the course. After my stopping point there was a lot of downhill. My time was 5:12. Pace: 12.69 kmh.


  • I completed the 54km Birkebeiner route on March 6  with a time of 4:13. Pace: 12.81 kmh.


The Skarverennet is the great ski season ending 38km skate race over the Hallingskarvet mountain range at 1 200 to 1 400 meters.

  • My 2009 time as an unofficial contestant was 3:55. Pace: 9.70 kmh.
  • My 2010 result as a participant in the competitive class was 2:28:05. Pace: 15.39 kmh

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