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Great rollerski video – Col d’Iseran

11 May

How I suffered last Sunday

16 Feb

Transjurassienne. Minus 15 and strong headwind. Mercifully shortened from 76km to 70.

New ski imitations from Sindre Wiig Nordby

12 Jan

Winters first ski on snow

5 Dec

Went on this season’s first ski trip this past weekend. Two days on man-made snow in the Natrudstilen area of Sjusjøen, above Lillehammer. Happily a fresh dusting of snow in the trees made place look properly winter-like.

Since I got some video footage of myself, I’m now wondering (or worrying) who I look the most like from Sindre Wiig Nordby’s great parodies here:

And here:

I vote Emil Jönssson from the second one.

Rollerski race Reinosa, Spain

8 Nov

How cool this is! Rollerski race in Reinosa, Spain. Enjoy!

I’m quiet now body please speak to me

18 Sep


Dance speaks through a different language than words. It speaks profoundly about relationships, love, joy, solitude, doubt, life, death and mourning. Just to name a few of its possibilities. But, much more than in the other arts, its language is physical effort.

I saw a performance of “(im)possible” at Dansens hus yesterday here in Oslo. One of the things that touched me the most was when the music fell silent and we heard the pair of dancers sitting still beside each other breathing heavily. That wasn’t simulation. Behind the wall of ideas that separate us, breath is what we share. Which, one day, will certainly pull us apart.

I am good at formal analysis. Even works that are dissonant and disparate I will break down into symbols, motifs, contrasts and thereby meaning. My brain does that automatically, even compulsively. But it feels like a sterile, academic, finally circular exercise.

In the end I enjoy dance for the same reasons I like to watch skiing. This body here, my body, your body all move and suffer alike. No need to search for further meaning. The body is at the origin of every important idea. For me that is the most satisfying conclusion. One confirmed by my experience that there’s nothing profound that can’t be expressed by the language of dance.

Update:  I’ve just come back from a panel debate in which the Choreographer of “(im)possible”, Ina Christel Johannessen, took part. The question was precisely about what can dance express. There was a consensus among the panel members that dance isn’t an instrument for debate or for supporting a specific political platform. I agree, but that doesn’t diminish the importance of dance to me. The more I get wrapped up in my body, the more I grow sceptical about ideas.

Markleeburg rollerski

3 Sep

Ragnar Andresen, Norwegian winner of the sprint event in this year’s World Championships, published a plea about rollerskiing facilities that I would like to repeat. He’s currently competing in the World Cup race in Markleeburg, Germany.

I had the chance to rollerski on the track there last year, and was overjoyed with the experience:

On his blog Ragnar writes:

Why in the world can’t we have one place like this in Norway? Just a few kilometers from Leipzig there’s a 10km  track around the Markleeburger Lake. The asphalt is the best there is and the track is roughly 4-5 meters wide. […] There aren’t any critical spots and it is of course closed to traffic year round.

In Norway we tend to make rollerski tracks where even the best risk killing themselves and except for a little stadium flat they aren’t fit for training enthusiasts. Idiocy, I think….On a track like Markleeburg anyone can safely train for speed while cycling, rollerskiing, inline skating […] without being worried about getting into scary situations.

Hear, hear! It’s local election time here in Norway. A candidate that would support this would get my vote.

P.S. Lykke til Ragnar!