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Great rollerski video – Col d’Iseran

11 May

Roll’X 3 x 100 Tour

21 Mar

Just got back from a ski weekend at Lygnasætre, 80km north of Oslo. The hotel was pleasant, and right next to the ski trails. Conditions Saturday were surprisingly good for skating. Today we went earlier before the snow softened up enough for the grooming machine to pass, so the trail was very hard and a bit challenging. Still, the 10 km loop trail was again fun.

But the season is coming to an end and my thoughts are naturally drifting back towards rollerskiing. The first big rollerski thing I’ve done already is sign up for the Roll’X 3x110km tour the 17-19 may. The event that attracts both inline skaters and rollerskiers will go from Mulhouse on the Swiss border in France to Mâcon in the French region of Burgundy.

There are a ton of rollerski events the same weekend in France, but the program of three nights with meals, acommodations and a full support team proved too much to resist.

Nevertheless it’s definitely worth mentioning the other choices. First the 106km rollerski challenge in Brittany and then the 100km Rollathlon race aling the banks of the Rhône River, in France but not far from Geneva.

But the idea of 330km in the company of friends and what looks like a great group of participants finally won me over.

The pace should be relatively fast because most, including myself, will be using fast wheels made in France by Roll’X, the organiser of the event in conjunction with Alliance Glisse Franche Comté rollerskating club.

Moreover, I’ve never been to that part of France and think that rollerskiing through it will be a great way to get to know it.

Rollerski race Reinosa, Spain

8 Nov

How cool this is! Rollerski race in Reinosa, Spain. Enjoy!

Roller ski in Madrid

12 Sep

Madrid roller skiers are organizing a competition 2 October. They’re promising an 11,5 km long, grueling hill race. Just my style. I want to go!

Markleeburg rollerski

3 Sep

Ragnar Andresen, Norwegian winner of the sprint event in this year’s World Championships, published a plea about rollerskiing facilities that I would like to repeat. He’s currently competing in the World Cup race in Markleeburg, Germany.

I had the chance to rollerski on the track there last year, and was overjoyed with the experience:

On his blog Ragnar writes:

Why in the world can’t we have one place like this in Norway? Just a few kilometers from Leipzig there’s a 10km  track around the Markleeburger Lake. The asphalt is the best there is and the track is roughly 4-5 meters wide. […] There aren’t any critical spots and it is of course closed to traffic year round.

In Norway we tend to make rollerski tracks where even the best risk killing themselves and except for a little stadium flat they aren’t fit for training enthusiasts. Idiocy, I think….On a track like Markleeburg anyone can safely train for speed while cycling, rollerskiing, inline skating […] without being worried about getting into scary situations.

Hear, hear! It’s local election time here in Norway. A candidate that would support this would get my vote.

P.S. Lykke til Ragnar!

A Peace offering from the Norwegian weather gods?

30 Aug

There were rainbows all over the valley today. And for once it wasn’t pouring rain. Shall I take this as a sign that the Norsk Weather Gods have grown bored with evil?

My ski boots still got soaked from the wet road, but at least the rest of me stayed dry during today’s rollerski tour.

Rollerski diaries: how to shine in conversation

29 Aug

I was talking to someone about rollerskiing (bad start), who wanted to know if I was good. Thinking back to my race results in Askim, I replied without hesitation that I wasn’t bad for a girl. That provoked an immediate, annoyed reaction. Odd, I thought, since the underlying issue was a purely physiological one of lean muscle mass.

But alas, the perfect reply came to me too late: I’m a hell of a 17 year old boy.