The winter of my discontent?

27 Feb

What I feared has come. After three excellent winters in a row, Oslo has finally got a bad one. We’ve had very little snow and now spring has come horribly early.

Even though the calendar says February, temperatures are now regularly climbing up toward the teens. Today skies are clear but a good bit of the little precipitation we’ve had has come as rain.

So now it’s already Easter conditions requiring sticky klister wax if you go classic. I’ve preferred to skate to avoid depression. The up side with that is you can climb fast on an icy track. Then, whatever technique you choose, you scream through the downhill. Just requires steely nerves because ice is not forgiving, particularly when you’re going fast.

But maybe the risk is bigger to my mood than to my body. Skiing keeps my mood on an even keel. Happily it’s still possible to ski right now in the Oslo forest. But I have to travel because conditions on my home trail are getting hopeless.

In years past that trail got prepared double-wide for skating. I would go before work on a new prepared trail and it was pure joy. I could hone the way I took every corner and every change in elevation. It was great technique practice and extremely pleasurable. This year the trail has only been prepped single-wide because there’s not enough snow. And now conditions are such that it’s not even worth skiing classic.

But no use being bitter about what you can’t change. Maybe there are other things in life than skiing. Maybe. Perhaps I should just hope for an early rollerski season. Less heartbreak there.

Still, maybe there’s hope. I spoke to a very kind conductor on the train to the closest remaining snow. She assured me that we would “get another winter” in week or two’s time. Let’s hope she’s better at foretelling weather than her employer is at predicting train arrival times.


One Response to “The winter of my discontent?”

  1. engelski February 27, 2012 at 10:20 pm #

    Still great conditions > 250-300 m above sea level. Best, West of Holmenkollen where the sun hasn’t got to the snow as much. East of Holmenkollen is quite/very poor (Skjærsjøen/Skar/Maridalen). Frognerseteren-Tryvannstua-Ullevaalseter-Skjennungen-Frøensvollen-Kobberhaug-Kikut, Skansebakken/Sørkedalen/Elveli are all good at the moment, particularly early morning after prepping or later in evening. Anything North of Kikut is in very good shape. Ice klister/Universal covered with SkiGo HF red (=VR60?) has been perfect last few days.

    Are you doing the Holmenkollen fristillrenn 24th March?

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