Winter techniques

17 Dec

A great thing about skiing is that it’s not just skiing. There are a whole host of related activities you need to master to be good. One, quite obvious one, is ski waxing. Both glide and grip. I feel like I’ve been doing that better lately. Yesterday, however, I failed miserably at grip waxing. I started out with violet wax and got no grip. Since most of my trip was downhill, I figured I’d just double pole and then put on some softer grip wax when I turned around to go back. Then, since I was slipping so bad when I tried to kick, I went straight for red wax. That was a bad choice and my skis instantly loaded up with with snow killing all my glide. As I struggled back to my start point I got passed by people. Not so usual for me.

Today I made a better choice. I focused on making the “wax pyramid” whose crest lies right in the middle of the curve of the ski in the kick zone. This structure along with the flavor of wax I had chosen worked well on my roughly 28km ski trip today. My skis slipped a tiny bit but glided extremely well.

The snow was light at the bottom of the hill but got progressively much better. I went with my old touring skis in the event there would be gravel at the start. But I took my good poles since the route had a lot of double-poling.

On the way back I got to hone another one of my skills. I love taking the bus to go ski. It makes me feel stronger than those who feel they need the comfort of a car. But when I’m lightly clothed and it’s cold, I need special bus techniques. With the current snow conditions I have to go far, with several bus changes. I therefore plan my route in advance with layovers in cafés and grocery stores. That way I can drink something hot and eat some energy while staying warm. The way home takes a little longer, but it’s bearable in spite of the cold.

As you say in Norwegian: alt skal læres. Everything will be learned.


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