Sancerre is for Rollerski!

22 Aug

When they hear Sancerre, most people think of this:

But wine is only part of the picture. They should also think of this:

Far away from the mountain massifs of the Alps or the Pyrénées,  the most atypical rollerski race in the world takes place the 16th of October in the Sancerre area.  The Cosnes-Sancerre Rollerski Race  winds 25 km through the jaw-droppingly gorgeous scenery of the Loire Valley, culminating in a hill race up the steep flanks of the Sancerre butte itself.

While mixing wine with rollerski may sound like a Norwegian wet dream, it’s actually true. Norwegians already have a special relation with Sancerre. In this nation of large consumers of shrimp, Sancerre has found its way into nearly every restaurant’s wine-list as a happy alternative to Chablis. And since all Norwegians know rollerskiing (if only as irritated drivers), it would be easy to imagine that the race is just a brilliant ploy staged this year by the tourist office to lure Scandinavians to the region.

But nothing can be further from the truth.  The fact is that this year is the 20th edition. And not only is there history here, but stiff competition also. Woe to the smug Viking who thinks he’ll just breeze through to the finish line to plunder the winner’s copious haul of bottles and local specialities for himself.  Last year’s participants included members of the senior relay team that won bronze and the junior relay team that won silver in the Rollerski World Championship this year in Norway.

Velkommen til alle nordmenn til å bli med!


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