I screamed ‘alive’

4 Aug

I was mostly alone in Maridalen. There a funny urge  suddenly came upon me. I was struck by how good it felt to move while working hard in spite of the pain. I yelled ‘alive’ and was held aloft by those two syllables.

Maybe it was in reaction to the dark events of July 22nd.

Or maybe it was the enchanted mirror breaking. The one that whenever I looked in a real mirror so often caused me to recoil back in positive surprise.

Martin Luther said man was devil’s shit. As a young boy some part of me internalized that view.  But the past 14 months the spell has been losing sway. Probably because I’ve been doing the absolute wrong thing and becoming kropsfiksert / body-focused.

Metaphysical vileness doesn’t jive well with fleshly reality. So it’s dawning on me that I am made of nothing but the usual stuff: muscle, sweat, blood, skin, cartilage and bone.

Life knows no contempt for life. That’s the work of ideas. Stop thinking. Move. Be happy.

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