Blame it on Spain

31 Jul

It’s been hot in Norway. Literally on fire:

Personally, I blame this on Spain. The nearly car-free calm I’ve been enjoying while rollerskiing in the Maridalen valley results from most of Norway leaving the country for Spain. And why wouldn’t the Norwegian weather gods, the ficklest and most black-hearted of the lot, follow suit? Maybe they’ve been inspired? Or are just too drunk to function?

But I still have to train, even in the oppressive heat. After all, the Spaniards do it:

This video reminds me of a very frightening experience in Spain. I was walking past a gym in Granada when I heard this American woman with an unbearably nasal accent screaming “encouragement” in English at her students:  “C’MON C’MON, GO GO, MOVE MOVE, FASTER FASTER!!!” or something like that. I really don’t understand how the Spanish mind ticks because I can’t conceive how that could be remotely motivating.

But then I guess the voices in my head that motivate me are even nastier. But please, don’t worry. They’re very specific. They never tell me to do anything other than (roller)ski faster. So it must boil down to different strokes for different folks, even if Spaniards are freaky masochists.

Moreover, Spain is responsible for a fashion atrocity. The last time I was there the 40+ degree heat pushed me over the edge and forced me to buy a “Marcel” :


I was comforted as I wore it training yesterday when I saw that I had not sinned the worst fashion wise. A man cycled by in nothing but skimpy boxer shorts.

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