Burying the variable

15 Jun

I’ve gone faster than ever on my last two rollerski trainings. First up Grefsenkollen and then along the valley floor in Maridalen. The only problem is figuring out why. On the one hand my experience in the Norges cup race in Askim gave me a new burst of inspiration. Getting slaughtered by 20 year-olds left me fluttering  between despair and renewed resolve. But the balance finally went resolutely toward the latter. And now I’ve got a new drive to work hard.

Moreover the weather has been chaotic which has pushed me to train in a more varied and probably more complete way. I’ve done a mix of spinning classes, Ski-Erg and short and long rollerski trips.

Finally there’s an equipment factor. I just got new wheels. Beautiful things. Each machined from a single block of aluminium. Lovely, shiny and precise. And they feel divine. They make fast comfortable.

So has my speed increased because of easier rolling wheels? Or is it just the extra training. Hard to say.  But for what it’s worth, my average speed on my Maridalen route has crept up from 15,8 to 19,2 km/h in a little less than a year’s time.


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