Vanity post from Grefsenkollen (again)

13 Jun

Grefsenkollen, my love, my nemesis, seen from Korsvolltoppen

I really wonder if it’s a good idea to vanity post yet again about my rollerski trainings up Grefsenkollen. Might be the sort of thing that blog-wise makes people walk away from you at the Internet party. Then again, there aren’t that many races, so this blog must mainly do with the everyday ups and downs of training. And many times that’s up GKollen.

Today was a good day. Did 47km yesterday, albeit nice and slow, so I wasn’t sure how my body would perform. Happily the answer was very well. I always find that long tours do me all the good in the world, so I try to schedule about one a week now that the days last forever.

In spite of my apprehensions, I logged my fastest time ever to the top of Grefsenkollen with slow wheels:

The best was that I didn’t really kill myself doing it. I just tried to keep an even pace. Moreover when I got near the top I had to gingerly deal with barriers and cables run over the road set up in preparation for the Scene Grefsenkollen Music Festival.

The obstacles in yesterday’s long tour came courtesy of the Norwegian Wood Festival going on in Frognerparken. Such are the current seasonal dangers of rollerskiing in Oslo.

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