Fast wheels on Grefsenkollen

5 Jun

Sunday is a race day too I’ve decided. It’s a good day to practice going up Grefsenkollen all the way from Skeidbanen.  The cyclist in the video unfortunately only gives us half the climb. He starts at the intersection with the road he veers right onto at the end.

On graph below, the video starts and ends right at the 2km mark. As you can see, there’s some serious climbing to do beforehand:

In fact, the video only shows 50% in terms of both distance and elevation gain. But since the lower stretch gets a lot more car traffic, Sundays are the day to do it.

Today I went up with racing wheels, which I plan to use on future Sunday climbs. I initially held onto a pace about a minute faster than my personal record before blowing up at km 2,7. The same thing happened on my 1,3 km uphill sprint race yesterday. There in the last 300 meters I fell way off my initial pace making me lose a lot of time right in front of the crowd at the finish line.

Still, today’s blow-up was good practice. Much better to blow up in training than in a race. I think it’s good strategy to plan weekly practice in race like conditions with fast wheels. That way I can figure out where my limits lie, how much I can improve them and how far I can push them.

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