Neither snow nor rain nor wind nor dark of night

2 Jun

So, there go the last bits of snow at the Tryvann ski area above Oslo. I keep tabs on what’s going on at higher altitudes in the Oslo forest via the webcam up there. While the snow-base is partially man-made,  I can check whether precipitation is falling as snow or rain by looking at the trees.

April was the warmest on record according to the very informative Voksenlia weather station website. They measured 76cm of snow at the start of the month and bare ground by the 15th. They tracked  the abnormally warm weather trend right up to the end of April.

But then May went to hell weather-wise. If it wasn’t rain, then it was wind.  And sometimes both. Temperatures hung resolutely around the 10C mark. But the wind was the worst. Oslo normally has remarkably light wind conditions. But not in May this year. It gets very tricky to control your rollerski poles when they’re being blown all over the place by random gusts.

The forecasters keep promising us better conditions, albeit at an ever-retreating date. Hope springs eternal. Today looks a little better, though still breezy.

Needless to say I’m getting better at skating through sticks and twigs and gravel and mud blown down or washed down onto the road surfaces.

However a big benefit of the season is that I’ve got time to wait out bad weather. Here in the land of midnight twilight, in June it never gets totally dark. I take advantage of that by going my long route from my house to Bæarums Verk, a little more than a marathon round-trip.

But that’s nothing compared with the Raid Roll’x 4 X 100 km happening this weekend. Wish I was there. Good luck (and good weather) to all the participants, and particularly to Oliver and the rollerski contingent!


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