Ski-Erg and rollerski geekery

16 May

It poured rain all day yesterday. Can’t complain, though, we’ve been having a drought. Still, that meant no fun for rollerskiing. So I went to the gym instead and worked out on the Ski-Erg. That machine simulates double-poling, which is one of the most used techniques in classic style cross-country. Skip to the end of the above video if you want to see it done right.

Working out medium hard, I maintained a 2:12 per 500km pace. That was slightly faster than the first guy in the video, the downhill skier with the crappy technique. That was over a 5km and 2km set. The second set was alternating slow-fast every minute. I could feel my abs burning at the end.

The other thing I did was re-analyze my last climbs up Grefsenkollen. This graph compares my pace between my May 12th and 13th workouts:

The most interesting thing to see is that my 13-5 Time (per kilometer) always stays even with or lower than my 12-5 Time. Particularly towards the end. That’s mainly because my speed got very erratic there on 12-5. That day, from km 6 onward, I dipped under 10km/h five times. At the same time I also had bigger upward spikes toward the end of that training. That’s what getting tired looks like: lots of slowing down followed by desperate, but not sustained, speeding up.

Time to the top (369 m) on 12-5 was 33:15 and 32:53 on 13-5.

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