Realistic rollerski

10 May

Took the bus last Sunday to Hvalstjern Skistadion in the town of Fet, about 30km East of Oslo. The facility features an asphalted rollerski track that follows the route of a cross-country ski trail.

The 2,5 km loop has more climbs and drops and twists and turns than a road built for cars along with the serious advantage of no motorised traffic. The experience was therefore more realistically ski-like since it demanded a lot of quick shifts in technique to suit the rapidly changing terrain as the trail wound through the forest.

On the downside, however, Norway’s rough climate had taken its toll. Our frequent freeze-thaw weather made for bumps and cracks in the asphalt. There was one quite steep drop that was made all the more exciting because of such hazards. GPS said I hit 40km/h there. And you had to navigate over a big warp in the road at almost the worst moment.

Happily I didn’t lose any skin. Moreover a significant newly renovated stretch showed just how lovely the skiing could be with a fresh layer of asphalt. This trip was in fact a foretaste of things to come since a 5km rollerski loop will open at the site of the World Ski Championships at Holmenkollen right here in Oslo this fall.

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