Citybike to the top of the city

14 Apr

Grabbed a citybike and rode it to the top of the city. Wanted to scout my rollerski route up Grefsenkollen. Got some laughs from other cyclists as I pedalled this little three speed up the big hill. Wonder if any of them got a sudden urge for a cheap hamburger?

Happily the route looked practicable. Some residual snow and gravel on my little connector road, but I can take an alternate route. Then the rest is pretty much clear.


2 Responses to “Citybike to the top of the city”

  1. Engelski April 14, 2011 at 9:46 pm #

    You can cut through from Brekke to head up to Grefsenkollveien. You can then do Brekke-Skar round trip & finish with Gkollen for just under 23k. I always walk down myself but have seen others, including longboarders, gunning it down the hill. Nice trip.

    • fallwest April 14, 2011 at 10:20 pm #

      Yep. That hill and I are very intimate. But the nice car-free connector road between Brekke and Kjelsås has still got a little snow and a lot of gravel and leaves. But the plan this year is to buy a pushbroom and and do my own preparering

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