Race against me and spring

21 Mar

Snow was still up over the little fence in my back yard last Saturday. That’s how I measure winter’s advance and retreat. However the tenuous little bridge of snow crossing the chain link barrier looks ready to fall away today.

This is the agonising period. But there is good is mixed in with the bad. My physical form and technique are still advancing. Have been regularly hitting new speed records on my usual routes. On my little classic round I finally started breaking the 16km/h barrier. Seems like technique is what is making the difference: stop slapping/klakking and the speed just comes. And it’s nicer to go through the woods with only the sound of my breathing.

While I’m a little worried about abandoning my ever improving classic now, skating is so good I can’t be bothered to deal with klister. Rest assured I’ve mastered my phobia of the stuff. It’s just that applying and, above all, removing klister is vastly more complicated than just grabbing my skate skis and going. But in the very late season when it gets too soft to skate pleasantly I’ll definitely pull out my gravel skis and go classic again with Red Aqua klister.

I’ve been breaking records with skating too. My times have been continually dropping on the trails on both sides of the valley. My average pace is up more than 2.5 km/h. Makes me wish I had a ticket for the Skarverennet.

Snow levels are high for this time of year. Today’s snow depth reading at Bjørnholt in the Oslo forest stood at 90cm. Even with warm weather forecast this week that bodes well for a long late season.


One Response to “Race against me and spring”

  1. engelski March 21, 2011 at 9:12 pm #

    Sounds like you’ve made some good progress. Impressive! You’ll find start numbers for Skarverennet two a penny now on Finn. I won’t be doing it this year as I really need to work on my skating technique. Next year however…..

    Respect for your Birkie time. We had conditions not so disimilar to you this weekend. You can read about it at the usual place.

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