Yo ass gonna suffer Northug

4 Mar

Good job Petter! Your arrogant little snowplough to a stop before the finish line then hop over at the last second stunt was a stroke of genius:

See video of the dumb move here. Hellner, who helped you throughout your stage, just unfriended you on Facebook. In fact, you have no friends now. But you do have 50 lonely kilometers to do on Sunday. And everyone’s going to be hunting yo ass.

You were so graceless you probably even hassled the ‘Hoff. I’m not sure he knows or cares about skiing. But the goon rays you broadcast here in Holmenkollen surely made it all the way to Malibu to disrupt his Baywatch rerun reception.

Have fun Petter. My little prediction for you above. Yo ass gonna suffer!

Update: Happily the Norwegian media isn’t taking Northug’s antics well. See this article: A wolf in the ski trail, but a pig at the finish line.

New update: the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has weighed in on Petter’s tomfoolery. He said:

Petter Northug er Petter Northug. Han vinner, og tar gull og det skal vi gratulere han for. Så skal jeg holde meg til politikk. /

Petter Northug is Petter Northug. He wins, and takes gold and we’ll congratulate him for that. So I’ll just stick to politics.

Not overwhelmingly positive…


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