The easy hard way up to the Holmenkollen Ski VM 2011

4 Mar

Made my way up to Holmenkollen to see the men’s ski jumping competition. The rather sad result followed a now typical pattern. Norway got its hopes up only to have them dashed by high flying “Österiches”.

But getting up to the venue was a better though gruelling experience. Since temperatures were in the impossible-to-wax-for-right-around-zero-zone, I decided to skate. Trails prepped wide enough for that are in limited supply, so that meant double-poling for the first 2.5km on narrow classic trails, followed by a beastly climb up the West side of the Sognsvann lake.

I actually took my skis off and walked a bit too, around the bottom of the lake, because the track looked a bit gravelly (slow spot after 2.5km).

Around roughly km 8 I got into the VM ski track and got to pretend I was Northug. Or maybe it was Jason Lamy-Chappuis, since I have the same pair of Salomon skate skis he does. I finally got kicked out just as I neared the ski jump.

If you go this route, be prepared to go a little slower than your normal speed on the way up. Paddle, paddle, paddle, pant, pant, pant! And ready yourself to fly like a winning “Österich” on your way back down.

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