Birth of a new Interweb meme: Gråtende/Crying Northug

28 Feb

All hail the birth of a new Internet meme!

First there was “Downfall Hitler”. Here’s a superb meta-meme example:

Yesterday witnessed the inception of a new, even more powerful meme, Gråtende/Crying Northug:

Norsk/English transcript:

Det er vanskelig å høre hva Gråtende Petter så. Men det var disse:
Hellner….han var så uhyggelig…så uhyggelig med meg.
Han kalt meg…han kalt meg…en KLAKKER!
Hele turen…hele turen…var ødelagt!!

It’s hard to hear what Crying Petter said. But it was this:
Hellner…he was so nasty…so nasty with me.
He called me…he called me…a KLAKKER!
My whole skitour…the whole tour…was ruined!!

This, of course, follows on the heels of the debate in the Aftenposten newspaper where a milquetoasty journalist cries to momma after some pretentious, meddling prick critiqued his diagonal technique because of the slapping (klakking) sounds he made with his skis.

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