19 Feb

Alas the Grenaderløpet was snatched from my hands this year by a nasty flu bug. Getting full of viri was clearly and cleverly the easy way out. The above video gives a nice overview of the 90km slog.

Woke up today feeling a little better. Even wondered if I’d made the right choice dropping the race. But I got confirmation of how my prudent my decision was when I went for a little skate ski on my local trail. Anything more than the calmest pace was rewarded by renewed bouts of nausea. Still, with that nice speed regulating system in place, I managed to hold down my breakfast and have a pleasant, short, easy ski in winter wonderland conditions.

In many places in the Oslo forest snow is now over a meter deep. Our cold but snow-poor spell has been replaced by a cold but snow rich period. I’m happy to be on the mend and able to take advantage of it.


One Response to “Sofagrenaderen”

  1. engelski February 19, 2011 at 11:07 pm #

    Shame not to see you there. Understandable. I did Hk skimarathon (sic) in the same state and hit the wall halfway.

    It was a great day today. I’ll post a blog some time soon based on my experience.

    Recommend Ringkollløpet (25 km) in 2 weeks. For me it’s the best ski race of the year, and a sprint in comparison to the big G.

    Get well soon.

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