Padle power

8 Feb

Here in Norway the classic ski technique focus has been on “staking” – AKA double-poling. It’s ugly, painful and effective. Which together explain the attraction.

Something similar has happened this year for skating. Suddenly everyone’s talking about padling. What is padling? I don’t know where it fits into to the North American V0/V1/V2 lingo.

In the Swedish lingo where gear 1 is sliding herringbone, paddling is gear 2. In Norwegian the skate gears from low to high are: fiskebein, padling, dobbeldans, enkeldans, friskøyting.

But nothing beats a movie to illustrate things. This Norwegian transitions from the kick-ass hopping variant of padling to dobbeldans:

Here’s an rundown of the technique:

The keys to note are:

  • Leg bend
  • Wide leg position
  • Good weight transfer over one ski at a time
  • Stable upper body
  • Hang arm much higher than the other arm (advice from a technique course, not from the video)

One an unrelated note, we got buried in snow yesterday here in Oslo and my local trail has finally been prepped wide for skating. Life is good.


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