Oh cruel fashion!

22 Jan

The last time I bought jeans even white boys wanted to be gangstas and wore them ginormous and baggy, hanging beneath their butt cheeks. But, unbeknownst to me, the fashion tide has turned. My shopping strategy is avoidance. But since ripped jeans are out and, vastly more importantly, are cold, I forced myself to go look for a couple pairs.

The closest I ever get to military is when shopping. In quick, out quicker. But this time I had to linger and even ask for advice, which must be a first for me. Apologizing in advance for the embarrassing nature of the problem, I had to explain what was wrong with the jeans I was trying on: it’s hard to find jeans that fit because I ski a whole lot and have a big butt /det er vanskelig å finne jeans som passer til meg fordi jeg går veldig mye på ski og så har jeg et stor rumpe.

The jeans world has been turned upside down since I last encountered it. The suggested best option was “Original fitLevi’s 501’s. Who’d have thought? Cost a fortune, but now I’m covered.


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