Oslo skiing illustrated by Lolcats

7 Jan

Gobs of snow have come over the past few days. More is set to come, but there may be some rain mixed in. But happily the Interwebs are there to feed my delusions. If I don’t like the weather at yr.no, then there’s always storm.no or even AccuWeather.com.

Probably none of them will be right, but I’m so very glad to get to pick and choose what I like. In the current snow rich conditions you also need to choose your ski trail wisely. The default location for skiing here in Oslo, when you’re incapable of intelligent thought, is the lighted Sognsvann lysløype.

Here’s what that looks like: You can see how the desire to ski can be frustrated by too many participants wanting to get in on it. Happily there is a way out of such a sticky situation. For normal beings, though not for the lucky lolcat, that requires some extra equipment, in the form of a headlamp:

Then it’s nearly smooth sailing:


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