What makes good skiers great?

28 Dec

Bjørn Dæhlie

The Norwegian ski website  langrenn.com has a thought provoking article today on what makes the best skiers the best. One of the key qualities is constant focus:

Løpere som ikke slurver på trening; en langtur er ikke bare en langtur på lav intensitet, det er en treningsøkt der man søker kvalitet i hvert eneste fraspark. /

Skiers that don’t get sloppy when training; a long ski trip isn’t just about low intensity, it’s a training effort where you seek quality in every diagonal stride.

The article also states that good skiers look for different kinds of resistance while practising. This can include slow-rolling roller ski wheels and tough hill climbs.

Lastly it claims that all the best skiers have tried to make their ski season last as long as possible into springtime.

Image: http://veloptimum.net/skideal/divers/articles/BjornDaehlie.htm


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