Christmas colors

24 Dec

These are the colors of Christmas this year in Oslo. The traditional red wax for wet snow and warmer temperatures has been replaced by green wax for frigid cold.

Although the past two seasons were colder than average, it was still rare to use green. But not this year. We’ve even regularly gone below green’s minimum advised temperature. That said, it would feel wrong to use the next step down, “Polar” flavor wax.

I went across the valley this evening to ski during the “blue hour”. In Scandinavia, where winter sunsets last forever, you have a magical hour where everything gets bathed in a lovely pale shade of blue light. Norwegian folklore even claims that mischievous blue elves called blånissen come out at this time.

I enjoyed a well prepared track the whole way, but I didn’t run into any elves. Even skiers were in short supply in the minus 15 temperatures. And the few that were out were all heading back home for Christmas Eve dinner of baked bacon called ribbe.

Trip details:

  • Wax: Green
  • Style: Classic
  • Distance: 24km
  • Temperature: -15C

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