Spain then back to the back forty

20 Dec

So I’ve been an ungrateful bastard yet again. When Norway was gripped in unprecedented cold my employer was so kind as to send me for a week to warm Southern Spain. And instead of giving heartfelt thanks, I only complained bitterly.

On the up side I got to rollerski again. Moreover the city of Granada had just added several new kilometers to their riverside bike trail. Since the course is flat, that gave me ample opportunity to practice V1’ing at high speed. That will be useful for next year’s roller ski races.

I also got to sample a lot of good Spanish food. The pig is so highly esteemed in Spain that it even makes it into nativity scenes despite being thoroughly un-kosher. Multi year old Ibérico ham from pigs nourished exclusively with acorns is, indeed, a quasi-religious experience.

But now back in Norway I’m able to ski close to my house after recent snowfalls. The trail preppers aren’t being very assiduous though, and the tracks are a bit lost in yesterday’s new snow. Hopefully they were just hung over from the weekend and will shake off their torpor and get grooming again tomorrow morning.


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