Sunday people

21 Nov

My Sunday strategy is to take an early bus. However, arriving at my starting point the parking lot was already alarmingly full.

Still, my trip up into the high and deep forest turned out OK. It’s amazing how the crowd thins out after just a few kilometers of climbing.

Had some fun too with the Sunday people. Sunday skiers often have something to prove. One of them actually passed me, going at a reasonably fast clip. I momentarily thought of hanging on his heels but decided I didn’t care. I quickly found him again, this time hanging on his poles.

Later, coming back down, the last couple kilometers were full chaos. Slow moving herds going four or more abreast, nearly blocking all opposing traffic, with out of control dogs and sprogs wending through the carnival-esque Sunday Norwegian ski parade. It turns out from the news that even the Prime Minister took part. He’s a nice enough fellow, but I’m still happy I missed him.

P.S.: the Monroes are a Norwegian one hit wonder from the 80’s. The video looks like it was shot in Norway.


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