Too busy skiing to write about it

20 Nov

Interesting but not unpleasant paradox. Having a ski blog and skiing too much to blog about it.

Ski season started  for me 8 days ago. I have been out skiing on 7 of them. Snow cover has varied from very light to good, often within the same trip. It depends on altitude and how deep you’re in the forest. Temperatures have also remained mercifully cold, which has preserved the limited snow and kept the crowds somewhat at bay.

Today it snowed just to spite of‘s claims to the contrary. They even published an article saying how sure they were that a big high-pressure would keep us precipitation free. Curiously that one has disappeared from their site.

Being a frothing car hater, all my skiing has been done using public transport. That adds an interesting strategic dimension to my nocturnal outings, particularly when it’s butt-cold. The shortest route home is not necessarily the warmest. Norway has an interesting supermarket retailing model, with lots of little chain supermarkets splashed all through the city instead of a few ginormous ones on the periphery. And since they tend to be open late, they have become my little warmth and après-ski nutrition havens.

In a nutshell, my strategy is to ensure that any long bus connection layover happens in front of one of these grocery stores. Since a regular evening ski outing for me is a two hour, two thousand calorie affair, I usually pop in and buy some cheese and a big bag of Noggy raisin buns and then stuff my face with Homer Simpson-esque abandon.

But since my kilometer count per outing is high, I doubt I’ll end up with his physiognomy. In fact, all my muscle bulk from skate style rollerskiing has already morphed into a sleekly toned shape. Looks like my body feeds on itself, but I guess that’s OK. I’ve been waking up surprisingly fresh and energetic in spite of the distances I cover and the intensity with which I do it. So it looks like my motto is once again “be the reindeer”.


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