More idiot bravado from Petter Northug

5 Nov

More idiot bravado from Petter Northug. After a hard, uphill rollerski training with slow wheels in Val Senales, he was quoted as saying “medium-rolling wheels are for women”.

I wonder what Marit Bjørgen thinks:

As for me,  I normally use SRB SR02-Flex rollerskis that come with quite slow rolling medium wheels:

They are exceptionally smooth rolling on rough asphalt and have an incredible ski-feel. Since I bought them directly from the manufacturer, I was able to get the Start brand speed reducers specially mounted (which required a custom-milled metal adapter).

However on the rare days when the road is completely dry I like to use my old Swenors with fast polyurethane racing wheels from Roll’X:

It feels great to run free and fast. And, as an added bonus, it dicks with the brains of the over-macho wankers you come across in Maridalsveien who want a rollerski race with everyone they meet.

Just doing my part to combat the galloping Norwegian-Northug-Syndrome that has spread throughout the valley!


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