Rollerski fashionista makeover

4 Nov

I found this thoughtful gift in my mailbox today as I was rushing home to rollerski before the sun set. Vastly more aesthetic than the construction-worker type safety vest I had been using. That one might have actually increased the risk of car-related incidents. With such a mix of Lycra and building trade attire I’m sure more than one driver was tempted to lift his hands from the steering wheel and mime the letters Y-M-C-A. Get your vest here.

The other nice thing today was rolling on a mostly dry road. I’ve been condemned to rubber wheels because of all the rain and damp misery lately. And with those on a really wet road it feels like your legs are stuck in mud. But today rollerskiing, even with rubber wheels, felt nearly effortless.

The only issue was that the public works people have been spreading far too much salt on the roads. When I stopped to turn on my speed reducers, I found one of them was corroded stuck. So I turned around after deciding it wasn’t worth the risk going down the nasty hill before me with a blind corner and ice starting to form.

Got home just as it was getting too dark  to see road hazards clearly. Glad I was visible. And stylish.


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