Maybe the rollerskiing doesn’t have to stop

26 Oct

It snowed about a centimeter last Thursday. Temperatures stayed low and it hung around a bit. That meant a momentary hiatus in rollerski activity. Happily the ice and snow on the roads cleared up pretty quick and I only missed a couple days.

But I may not have needed to take that break. When I snapped this shot of my local lysløype (lighted ski trail), I was out for a jogging tour. And coming over a little hill I heard the tack-a-tack-a-tack-a sound of ski poles coming toward me and assumed it was a nordic-walker/jogger/whatever.

But to my absolute surprise it was a rollerskier. While the trail surface may look slick, it actually wasn’t. The trail which is usually loose, soft and pebbly had been transformed into a smooth and hard rolling surface by the crust of snow and ice.

I even saw a couple other people out on rollerskis. And you would be hard-pressed to spot the difference in terms of speed and movement between them and skiers on the same trail covered in snow.

They were all using classic style rollerskis, which probably work a lot better for this sort of thing than skate. Unfortunately I only have the latter.

At this point I can’t decide whether this is totally cool or totally psycho. I’m going to opt for the former but fear that this level of eagerness can only mean even more trail crowding problems this season.

But then again if people are practicing, they’re probably getting better. And hopefully that will stop them from snowplowing all the snow away, right down to the rocks, like they did last season.


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