Hey little world

15 Oct

So here I am. On slow rubber wheels 17 has become the new 16 which was the new 15. Kilometers per hour, that is, on my Gamle Maridalsveien route. Along with my minutes per kilometer rate, the irate driver index has also gone down. I like to think that is because I look faster and more skilled while rollerskiing. While I don’t drive here, I imagine it’s more irritating to get caught behind someone slow and obviously sucky than a fast skier.

Part of the driver satisfaction with my efforts may also come from technique changes. I now use two techniques, either v2 or double-poling, almost exclusively, to the detriment of other techniques. Both are more compact and less expansive than the flamboyant, italianately gesturing v1. But the trouble is that v1 is probably the fastest and most efficient on flatter routes.

For the 3,3 kilometer flat part of Sunday’s race I don’t need efficiency, just speed. My endurance should hold, even with wasted effort. On a moderate hill v2 is generally a powerful technique.

Looks however like the steep final pitch might require some v0 “paddling”. But there’s not so much technique there. That will just require the physical capacity to go deeply anaerobic. If there’s a group at the finish, the racer with the biggest motor wins.


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