Cosnes-Sancerre rollerski race goals

14 Oct

Oooh I’m excited. Sunday I will be in France for the 19th edition of the Cosnes-Sancerre rollerski race. The video shows the end of the hill stage of the race.

Just to make it fun I’ve set some goals for the two timed stages in the race (3,3km each, 1st flattish, 2nd hill):

Pace           Speed        Time
2:14 min/km    26.8 km/h    7:22
3:30 min/km    17.1 km/h    11:33
Combined time:  18:55


These goals are based on data from training. My fastest kilometre up Grefsenkollen was a 3:35 on a 8,5% grade stretch. The road up the Sancerre butte averages a little more than 4,5%. The 2:14 pace corresponds to my fastest splits on the flatter Gamle Maridalsveien route.

Here are the official results from the 2008 edition of the Cosnes-Sancerre race.

But the main point of this race is to spend a fun and festive time in the company of a bunch of pros and amateurs during the 19km of off the clock running. That will also give time to soak in the beautiful vineyard and Loire River landscapes.

In its latest forecast Météo France claims that we will just sneak by the raindrops. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute agrees.

Good luck to everyone participating!

One Response to “Cosnes-Sancerre rollerski race goals”

  1. Chelsea October 16, 2010 at 3:03 am #

    Good luck in the race! I am glad for your sake that you will be facing less uphill than I did, but the shorter distance makes it harder in a way, too!

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