Gravenstein apple

10 Oct


Have you been following me?


The Gravenstein apple figures prominently in my family history and memories. My mother grew up in a coastal California area famous for growing them. I have fond memories of eating a lot of them as a kid. They’re a great apple. Sweet yet tart and bursting with flavor. Unfortunately they don’t keep well and so are hard to commercialize.

You have to love them even more for being an anti-capitalist, locavore apple.

And by a lovely stroke of luck and history, I can get this rare apple in Norway too. It turns out that the variety originated in nearby Denmark and appeared in Norway in 1752. And although they seem to do well in the mild coastal California climate, Gravenstein trees are very cold resistant.

Moreover, with our cold winters and extra long summer days fruit in Norway generally develops into amazing flavor bombs. So take an already especially delicious variety of apple and then just imagine what it becomes here. Yum!

Photo: Jarle Vines (Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike 3.0)


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