Brutal assault on Grefsenkollen

10 Oct

So this is how Grefsenkollen Depressenkollen looks today in my own little fantasy world. I took my racing rollerskis over to Skeidbanen in Kjelsås, psyched myself up and went for it.

Fell right away into a good rhythm. There seemed to be a lot of cars for a Sunday on Kjelsåsveien before I started but then they all went away as I eased up the hill.

Or I didn’t notice them. The sun was shining, there was a pleasant little breeze and I was in my own happy little rolling world as the winding ribbon of good asphalt went by.

I came up behind a cyclist on a racing bike and entertained thoughts of trying to keep up with him. He pulled away from me, but slowly.

When I came to the last steep before the top, I threw my reserve into it and glided out onto the restaurant parking lot.

Still, I’m recovering from eating bad Rudolph and decided to hold back a little. Never got up to max pulse.

At the top the cyclist I had been tailing made a point of coming up to chat. He said he could hear the clicking of my poles behind him and that I was going “scary fast”. Thanks for the compliment!

Here’s the GPS track from RunKeeper. If you look at the speed graph, you can see the first 27 seconds are stationary getting ready and waiting for cars to pass. So, be warned, the current time to beat in the “Tour Illégal de Grefsenkollen” stands at 17:04.

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