Bad reindeer

4 Oct

Wow, aren’t the Interwebs great! Search for any random combination of words and once you sift through all the p9rn you can usually find a family-friendly image to illustrate it.

The picture of my weekend is a bad reindeer.

First there was the Skarverennet déception (say that Cajun Man style emphasizing the nasalated “ion” part of the word). A little piece of my universe crumbled when I didn’t get a place in the race. I still have my start number from last April hanging on my fridge and a postcard of a herd of wild reindeer running beneath the Hallingskarvet mountains sitting on my TV.

Must think about putting those things away now.

Then there was the bad reindeer. Bought some precooked reindeer patties as well as some marked down (near expiry date) reindeer steaks at the supermarket. I suspect the first were what did me in, since I was eager to get out and rollerski and did not heat them all the way through.

To make a long story short I spent early Sunday morning worshiping the porcelain god.

You learn at these moments the limited value of social networks for pity and commiseration. What you ate for lunch is fair game but no one wants to hear about how you lost it, unless (maybe) that was party-related.

And being far too focused on skiing, I’ve neglected my social circle and so was left in solitary misery. That works fine for me when I’m healthy but it was good of the bad reindeer to remind me the flesh is weak and it sucks puking alone.

Still feel like hell but went out and rollerskied in the cold and wet this evening because the rest of the week promises to be colder and wetter-er.

On the upside, despite being maimed by bad Rudolph, I did manage to sign myself up for a replacement race for the Skarverennet, the Transjurassienne in France. I have high hopes that will be even better-er.

So tonight it’s a meal of fully-cooked frozen moose. Probably the only thing me and Sarah Palin agree on.

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