Competition changes

2 Oct

No, I will not participate in the Skarverennet ski race next April. The registration date was yesterday and the race filled up in an hour’s time. I have a job, was on a work trip, and could not jump on a computer at 10 a.m. Friday.

With two good winters in a row, Northug fever and the World Cup competition in Oslo next year, skiing has become too popular for its own good here in Norway.

I’m angry, I’m bitter. I’m jealous of all the morons who can’t ski who got a ticket to the race while I did not.

The Skarverennet is a cool race because it’s skate style on a trail only prepped one day a year. Unfortunately there aren’t many skate-style amateur races in Norway.

So I have decided the Nogs can have their Skarverennet.  It will probably suck anyhow. I will go pick on the French. I just signed up for the Transjurassienne 76km skate race on 13 February 2011.

The Transju’ course is much flatter than the Skarverennet, but exactly twice the distance. So, if the Skarverennet goal was less than 2 hours, then the Transju’ goal is less than 4 hours. In last year’s race that would have put me at 120th out of 1 ,915 participants.

In other France news I got my racing wheels in the post from the Roll’x rollerski manufacturer. Olivier from Roll’x was exceptionally helpful making sure I got the right pieces to fit the racing wheels on my Swenor skis (pictured above with the new wheels). Even with import duty, the price was much better than in Norway. And these babies cook! The GPS says I hit 50km/h on a downhill today.

I didn’t tell Olivier that the goal was to crush his countrymen in the Cosnes/Sancerre rollerski race in France 17 October. But with rollerski pros like Igor Cuny likely to participate I need every advantage I can get.

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