Le Tour Illégal de Grefsenkollen

19 Sep

There is a yearly 87 kilometer cycling race through Oslo’s Nordmarka forest, called:

As the name suggests, it’s loosely organised. I’m all for it, but don’t have a bike. And don’t plan to get one because it will get in the way of rollerskiing.

So taking this brilliant concept and adapting it to my needs, I hereby propose “Le Tour Illégal de Grefsenkollen”.

The race is self-organising, self-reporting and anything bad that happens to you while participating is self-inflicted.

The rules are simple:

  1. Start is at the intersection of Kjelsåsvien and Lofthusveien
  2. There will be a winner for both skate and classic styles. Specify your style with your entry
  3. Your starting elevation must be below 131 meters over sea level
  4. Finish is in the parking lot of the Grefsenkollen restaurant
  5. Your finishing elevation must be at least 371 meters over sea level
  6. Your race time is the difference between your start and end time between those two elevations

Entries must be mailed in GPX format to:

before 31 October 2010.


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