Rollerski marathon

18 Sep

Got my revenge on work priorities that had been eating into my ski time. Rollerskied from my house to Bærum on Gamle Ringeriksvei. A total of 45km with a little more than 500m elevation gain.

I skirted through a few little raindrops but it was mainly sunshine. Fall colors are just starting here, as you can see from the picture.

One minor problem came up when I lost one of my rollerski pole spikes in a crack in the pavement. I recovered it and was happily near a parking lot where I asked a nice family coming back from a walk in the woods for help. A car’s tailpipe makes a good heat gun for melting the glue that holds the spike on. Pleasant irony that a car actually improved my rollerski experience this time.

That issue fixed, I was able to make it to the lake pictured above and then head back towards home. My elbow was hurting at km45, so I decided to call it a trip, buy some groceries and take a bus home from there

So even though there were a few bumps in the road, my first rollerski marathon turned out well.


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