iPhone accelerometer and DIY rollerski research

11 Sep

I’m no longer a geek. My body is a geek non-sequitur. But some of the geek reflexes remain.

While I’m not a fan of the iPhone, I have to admit that it’s interesting to have something filled with different kinds of sensors (GPS, magnetic compass, accelerometer).

The last one fascinates me the most. I’m interested in seeing what the physical forces of skiing look like in different situations. On flats. When climbing. When rested. When tired. And, perhaps the most interesting of all, when rollerskiing and when skiing on snow.

There are paid accelerometer data capture apps, but the best looking one, Context Logger, is free. And the hardware is the right price since I got it from my employer.

Moreover, it looks like the tool fits my intended purpose. The following study, Predicting Mode of Transport from iPhone Accelerometer Data, used the iPhone to do motion analysis similar to the kind I’m considering.

I’m not sure what all question are but if the weather’s nice tomorrow I’ll take my phone along to try to find the answers.


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