Maybe Steve can help my skiiing?

7 Sep

Dear Mr. Jobs,

I used to dislike you but now realize that holding things the wrong way really can lead to performance problems. They say only idiots never change their mind, so I’ve decided try to let bygones be bygones. If you start sourcing the electrical components for your currently very dirty products from somewhere other than the cheapest and most polluting factories you can find I might even stop calling my (company supplied) youPhone the stevePhone. But, in the meanwhile, I hope you understand it still really isn’t me.


Le coq à la crête noire

Why the change of heart? Because I discovered that holding the following object the wrong way was ruining my performance:

While climbing Grefsenkollen I figured out that I tend to hold wrists bent inward towards my body. That directs the tips of my poles back and outward. While pushing backwards may seem like a logical thing to do, it actually destroys the magic of skating.

That magic lies first and foremost in the fact that pushing sideways with your legs propels you forward. But the mystery doesn’t stop there. It turns out that pushing down with your poles advances you more effectively than pushing back.

With the wrists angling slightly away from the body, your pole plant is much more downward-oriented and parallel to the body’s trunk than with them bent inward. In that new position I could feel the new sensation of my carbon poles flexing and loading up with power just before I exploded up and off my skate leg onto my glide leg.

The ab-crunch moment you now get with with the pole plant in this position both stabilizes the body and furnishes the follow through impetus that adds to the leg push energy. You fly off your kick leg and ride the glide out forever. Moreover, your poles rarely slide on the asphalt.

So thanks Steve. If it wasn’t for you maybe I would never have realized I was holding my poles the wrong way!

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