The asphalt fairies are busy on Solemskogveien

5 Sep

Went pavement hunting a couple months ago out in the Lindrudkollen area. I thought the place had great potential for rollerskiing but was unfortunately cursed with the roughest asphalt I’d ever seen in Oslo.

I mentally filed the route that goes along Solemskogveien under the would-have-been-great category. It is hilly but blessed with a complete absence of intersections and uphills systematically after the downhills to run your speed out.

Asphalt crews have been active in the area, so I decided to check it out again yesterday. To my great joy I discovered improvements were in progress, though conveniently halted for the weekend. That gave me a chance to jump the gun and explore my new territory.

The right hand side of the road was fully repaved. The left side, however, had only one of the two planned thick new layers on. That created a big step between the two halves that drivers passing me from behind were loathe to traverse. Moreover, I found on the return trip that the half-done side had a lot of loose gravel floating around in it, making the fast descents dodgy.

But in a week or so when it’s all finished the route will be a joy. I turned off before the end of the new pavement onto the little road going up to the ski jump towers pictured above. The pavement isn’t wonderful there, but still manageable. I think that will be my normal end point since the residential neighborhood of Solemskogen doesn’t interest me.

Once the resurfacing work ends I think the only hazard will be an endemic one: residents who seem to have an admirable disdain for non-motorized forms of life.


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