Rollerski trail prep from Brekke to Oset

4 Sep

Rollerskied up Grefsenkollen after work. Hadn’t been out that way for a few days and was pleasantly surprised to find that work had been done to improve conditions on the car-free stretch from Brekke to the water plant at Oset.

Last season that route was a full haven for rollerskiers. Short, but with three nice hills. Great for interval training. Also good, though somewhat intimidating, for beginners. But this year the gravel strewn on the asphalt in winter remained throughout the summer. So it turns out that not only the snow on ski trails needs prep, but also the asphalt on rollerski trails.

I seriously considered taking matters into my own hands and buying a big push broom. May still do so to clean up the leaves that will soon start falling. But happily, for the moment, somebody has done the work for me. I suspect it was the good people from the Kjelsås IL sports club. They even marked the hazard spots with orange spray paint.

I am buying some fast polyurethane wheels for my upcoming race in France. Since they’re less forgiving with road hazards than the slower rubber wheels I normally use, I’ll be happy to have a smooth and safe car-free route for interval training with them.


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