Rollerski paradise

31 Aug

Lovely video. Almost like being there on this beautiful bike path. Reminds me of the greenway I rollerskied from Questembert to La Chappelle-Caro in Brittany, France.

Speaking of France, I intend to participate there in my first ever rollerski race on October 17. There’s a 25km race in Loire Valley wine country going between the villages of Cosne and Sancerre. Nice blog post here (in French) about it.

As you can see, the location is gorgeous:

If you look carefully you can see little rollerskiers between the trees on the road through the vines

The river, the wine, the rollerskiing. It’s all too much. I have to be there. All the more so since Norway doesn’t organise many “popular” rollerski races like this one. Mostly only the elite get to compete. So this may be my only chance to compete in a skating style rollerski race this year.

One of the world’s best in the discipline takes part in this one every year, so I can only dream of winning. But maybe I can still place well.

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