Rolling over Boulder

23 Jul

I have been rollerskiing in strange places. San Francisco, for example. I wasn’t the first there, though. I remember seeing a picture of someone, maybe Bill Koch, going up the famously steep and twisty-turny stretch of Lombard Street on classic style rollerskis.
I stuck to the other side of the city, going up Portrero Hill. The lower stretch of 17th St. recently got fresh pavement, making for smooth going at least at the beginning. While very steep, the little palisade at each intersection gave me a short pause to catch my breath. That made for surprisingly easy going. Moreover, traffic was light, sparing me from any car-related issues.
The only problem was that I quickly ran out of hill. And there was no question of taking the steep downhills through multiple stop signed intersections at speed.
Next stop was the Northern California coast. Roads were rough but the ambiance was pleasant as I rolled through the fog in the village of Caspar.
After that I passed back through Boulder, Colorado for the second time on this month’s trip before heading back to Oslo.
Rollerskiing in Boulder is not weird. I crossed paths with another skier on my route around Viele Lake Park. This route was singled out on the Internet as one of the only safe options in town. Like San Francisco, Boulder is plagued by steep streets heading down to stop signs. But the Viele loop offers decent pavement, a good little climb on a broad, quiet street and a wide bike lane on the lee side to gradually run out the elevation you’ve gained.
I got up early to beat the heat and enjoyed the sight of the sunrise illuminating the Flatiron’s peaks. And the extra altitude made for good cardio training. Boulder isn’t quite the rollerski paradise that Oslo is, but it’s not bad either. Keep rolling Boulder!


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