Rollerski bazooka

21 Jul

Spent some time last week hauling rollerski gear through airports. Rollerskis and boots are compact and solid enough. It’s the 170cm and fragile skate ski poles that are hard to transport.
I bought a carrier for them. The diameter of the telescoping silver tube is such that you could transport a whole ski team’s poles. And it resembles nothing quite so strongly as a rocket launcher.
I got a lot of nervous looks and questions from fellow passengers as I waited to check my bags. When asked whether I “had a bazooka in there”, I invariably answered no on the grounds that any joking might prevent me from boarding the plane or much much worse.
Terrorist implications aside, a bazooka is more familiar and therefore easier to explain than rollerskis. But if past political activities didn’t get me on a watchlist, rocket launcher comments probably would.


One Response to “Rollerski bazooka”

  1. Ray July 21, 2010 at 1:56 am #

    Rollerski bazooka is the latest in extreme sports. Better make sure to wear your helmet. And some kevlar. A whole lot of it.

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