What’s in a name

9 Jul

So, how did this blog get its name? A few things contributed. The first was a big, black polar-fleece ski bonnet. Really looked like I had a rooster’s crest when I wore it. Then there were the years I lived in France. Initially intended to post in French and English. Probably a fine way to annoy my small reader population, though I have done it once or twice.

But the main motivation behind the name is bit of word play. In addition to designating a rooster’s crest in French, the word ‘crête’ also means mountain top. Since this blog is about skiing, the combination of black and crête evokes steep, black diamond runs from the mountain top. Moreover, the French prepostion ‘à’ in ‘à la crête noire’ can mean both with, as in the rooster with the black crest, and at, as in the roster at the black ski run/mountain top.

Finally, a few Internet searches on the phrase ‘coq à la crête noire’ revealed that a rooster with a black crest is either sick or, worse, dead. Stumbling upon that bit of information sealed the fate of this blog’s name. The topic here is indeed my ski problem.

Et juste pour le plaisir, cher lecteur, tu peux lire une autre histoire du coq, celle du ‘Coq à la crête d’or‘.


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