I want it painted black

1 Jul

Maridalsvannet seen today from Gamle Maridalsveien

This time of year snow is hard to find. So the best strategy is to shoot for the moon. In place of cold and white, I’ll go for hot and black. Asphalt and snow aren’t so different anyway. Both decay with time and use. Both radically change consistency over their lifetime. And both can suffer or gain from the care put into grooming. For snow the groomer drives a Piston Bully, for asphalt a steamroller.

Most skate ski trails are groomed double-wide: the groomer makes a pass on each side of the trail. When there’s a significant air temperature or sunshine difference between the pass on one side and the other, you can end up with an annoying ledge in the middle of the trail that kills your glide. That is because the grooming machine sinks down more into the softer snow.

Asphalt is also groomed double-wide. That’s more to let cars pass on one side. But how well the groomer handles his two passes definitely has an effect on the quality of the rollerski experience. When it’s handled badly, you don’t get ledge, but rather a ‘V’ in the middle. That also disrupts skiing because it tends to throw you off balance.

Went back this afternoon to the lovely new pavement in Gamle Maridalsveien. My Swenor rollerskis promise “the real ski feeling”. Anything marketed as feeling “like the real thing” usually gets sold from shops you don’t necessarily want to be seen entering or leaving. But for rollerskis that “real” feeling is highly dependent on the quality of the asphalt. As I glided through Maridalen today I could nearly close my eyes and hallucinate I was on snow. But the warm temperatures didn’t jive so well with that thought, and rollerskiiing with my eyes closed probably isn’t a good idea either.

Listening to music and rollersking is out too. For safety’s sake you have to keep your ears open to car noise. Bit of a shame. I’ve been listening to some great music from the Zydepunks lately. Nice to run to.

I like the song Con ti se va mi corazon. There’s a beautiful quote in there: “restless dreams live on and thrive, restless dreams keep me alive”. For me the rest in restless is physical rest. Not too much of that for me. Training is a form of dreaming, what I do before I do it for real. But it is also something that sustains me.

You could say in the Zydepunks’ Cajun French, “j’ai la bougeotte”.  I’ve got itchy feet that have got to move. Preferably, for the moment, with wheels on them. On lovely black, silky pavement s’il te plaît.


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