Intermediate goals

27 Jun

Grefsenkollen Opp race 2009, some geology visible in the background

I’ve stated my big goals. But know I think it’s prudent to set some intermediate ones too. If I do that right, then there won’t be too many surprises when my race days roll around.

I’ve decided that Grefsenkollen will play an important part in measuring my intermediate progress. Grefsenkollen is an exposed part of a big pluton, a bubble of underground formed rock, lying on the East side of the Oslo rift. I rollerski across that rift when I come to Grefsenkollen from my house. The in between territory is geologically interesting too. The Kjelsås neighborhood lying between me and Grefsenkollen contains deposits of nordmarkite, kjelsåsite and sørkedalite. The names of those rocks refer to my main ski haunts: Nordmarka the Northern Oslo forest, Kjelsås itself from which I frequently start ski trips and Sørkedalen which is the point of departure into Oslo’s Krokskogen ski nirvana.

So, it’s at the very least geologically coherent that Grefsenkollen play a big part in my ski existence.

To do my progress tracking somewhat scientifically I’ve plotted a time trial route up Grefsenkollen from Kjelsås. Here are the vital stats:

2,9 km
5,9% grade
170m elevation gain

Here’s the aerial view courtesy of Google Maps:

For the first trial I’ll start by looking at my past performances in order to set a reasonable initial goal:

15:25 total time
11,2 km/h
5:18 km/minute

Since my employer foisted an IPhone on me, I’ve decided to use it and have found a nice tool called Runner’s PaceCalc. Once I reach my initial goal, this app will help me extrapolate from the above stats to come up with a new goal pace:

I can, for example, dial in a new speed, say 12km/h and have the total time km/minute figures recalculated.

Going on the principle that no one on foot should ever beat me on rollerskis I can even take results from the Grefsenkollen Opp running race and rearrange the distances to come up with an equivalent pace on my route.

To match the course record of 17:25 in that 4.7 km lungbasher I’ll have to do my bit the following way:

10:46 total time
16,1 km/h
3:43 km/minute

That’ll hurt! But let’s go step by step. The 11,2km/h pace dies next Wednesday on my way to the core strength class at the gym.


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