Double Grefsenkollen

26 Jun

Petter climbing Grefsenkollen

How did this happen? Petter Northug skied up my hill and I missed it! I was off in Spain, albeit with rollerskis, when he decided to do a heavily mediatized blast up Grefsenkollen. Found this cool picture showing a lot of effort.

Today I did my first double Grefsenkollen. The GPS says I stayed between 9-10kmh on the climbs and I didn’t stop to pant. I’m relatively happy with that result. A weekly double up Grefsenkollen is going to be a crucial feedback loop regarding my level of conditioning in my new training plan.

Not an easy climb. My route joins the one seen in the height profile from the Grefsenkollen Opp running race at the 259m point:

The low point on the route I take is 160 meters. After reaching the top at 371m, I came back down to 259 and went up again. My total round trip from my house was 18,7km with 409m climbing.

My route is optimized to follow good pavement to the extent possible. But I’ve found another very smooth way to the top that I think I’ll start doing. It will take more effort and goes from 160m – 201m – 371m – 201m – 371m.

I’ll need to get motivated to do some running too in order to build up more capacity. Maybe I’ll run in the Grefsenkollen Opp on September 11th.

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